Wearing Knuckle Rings

Trends come and go, but from time to time one comes along that you wish never goes away. For me, this trend is the knuckle ring. There are plenty of reasons why I love these small rings but if I had to narrow it down to one it would be because they can complete a (hand) look beautifully.

I wrote about how to wear knuckle rings on my old blog and that post turned out to be very popular. So I thought it would be a good idea to bring all that advice to The Sommi Blog and take this opportunity to add a bonus tip!

TIP #1 – FLYING SOLO: A foolproof way to wear a knuckle ring is to wear it by itself while leaving the rest of your hand naked. The ring will be the focal point, and it will not clash with any other rings. You can choose to wear it virtually on any finger, but for best impact place it on the index, middle or ring finger

How-to-wear-knuckle-rings_1a How-to-wear-knuckle-rings

TIP #2 – TRIANGLES: When wearing a knuckle ring, an easy way to keep a balanced hand look is to form an imaginary triangle by using three rings as its vertices. I tend to prefer the way this positioning looks when the triangle points outwards, but both ways are equally effective.

How-to-wear-knuckle-rings_2a How-to-wear-knuckle-rings

TIP #3 – TWO IN ONE: Repetition pleases the eye. Use two rings that look the same (or alike) and stack them up. One positioned as a regular ring and the second as a knuckle ring. This will create a strong focal point by making the whole finger combination the attention grabber rather than just one ring.

How-to-wear-knuckle-rings_3a How-to-wear-knuckle-rings

TIP #4 – THIN BANDS: A great way to wear multiple knuckle rings is to go with delicate bands that once stacked won’t take over your hands. The key for this look is to find a balanced look between your hands and to be playful. Mix regular rings with knuckle rings by positioning them at different heights. Style both hands simultaneously to ensure each hand arrangement is slightly different, as to avoid creating looks that are mirror images of each other.

How-to-wear-knuckle-rings_4a How-to-wear-knuckle-rings

So there it is. I hope these tips will help you guys experiment with knuckle rings. Don’t forget that, at the end of the day, is all about finding your personal look. These are just some easy guidelines to help you get there!

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