Boys and Valentine’s Day

Growing up Valentine’s day was never an important day for me. Partly because I was a late bloomer in the dating world and partly because once I started dating, my relationships didn’t seem to coincide with the holiday. Now that I have been with C (Clayton, my husband) for the better part of nine years (wow, almost a decade!) we have had our fair share of Valentine’s days together. During our first few years dating, I enjoyed getting pretty blooms from him, but never gave it much thought. After all, I was not used to celebrating this day anyways.

Then it happened. Days before Valentine’s day, we were walking through a grocery store overflowing with red chocolate boxes, balloons, and soft toys, when the words came out of his mouth: “I hate Valentine’s day.” I shook my head and looked at him. It was just so unexpected. Long story short, he completely dislikes how commercialized this day is.

I give my better half two thumbs up for his honesty, but it makes me wonder if most guys feel that way and never say it out loud. Or maybe they buy this stuff at the beginning of a relationship and then slowly try to get out of participating in this tradition. And what about girls? Do we all truly love this holiday? I go back and forth.

While I think about it, I’ll leave you with some Valentine’s day ideas that caught my eye. Each idea can be purchased ready made or you can do it as a DIY. You know, just in case you are trying to avoid the “commercial” feeling of the whole thing.

IDEA #1: Balloons

Valentine's Day Balloons

Fill in a room with these pretty heart shape balloons. They have them in three different colors. If you want to go for extra credits, make sure your significant other sees you arriving home, just like this.

Valentine's Day Mini Balloons

This is an equally cute, but less expensive idea. The Flare Exchange sales these little heart balloons and have a DIY tutorial on how to customize them on their blog. You can fill up a big gift box or gift bag with these little guys instead of tissue paper to wrap your present. Or simply cover a whole area, like a small room, for a nice little surprise.

IDEA #2: Tea Bags

DIY Heart Shaped Tea Bags

I love tea, so these caught my eye as soon as I saw them. These Valentine’s Day tea bags are the sweetest DIY I have seen in a while. You can find all the instruction right here.

Valentine's Day Tea Bags

If you are short of time, these organic white tea bags come ready for gifting. They feature rose petals and chrysanthemum blossoms. Not sure how they taste, but it sure sounds lovely.

IDEA #3: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries dipped in chocolate

One of my favorite local chocolatiers in Winter Park (FL) is teasing all of us with their Valentine’s Day ideas. I’m particularly loving these.

And if you feel like doing the ground work yourself, just pick some fresh berries, chocolate and sticks from the market and get to dipping. If this is your first time making strawberries dipped in chocolate, here is an easy recipe you can follow.

So there it is. I hope you found at least one of these ideas worth your time. As for me, I’ll keep pondering and will let you know as soon as I figure out the way I really feel about this holiday.


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Sommi Jewelry Lookbook

I’m really happy to announce that the FW14 Sommi Jewelry Lookbook is finally up on the site! I cannot believe it has already been five months since the website launch. Has the time flown by for you guys too? I have been meaning to finish editing the photos since the launch, but every time I made progress or got close to being done, something else came up. I’m so happy to, finally, cross this out from my to-do list.

I want to give a huge thanks to the talented Becka Robinson from By The Robinsons for the gorgeous photos and to the beautiful Nikki Graham for modeling the jewelry flawlessly. I had such a fun time hanging out with these two ladies while shooting the lookbook. Although we were all business during the shoot, we made time for a couple mimosas and strawberries in between takes, which, as we all know, are a must.

I’m so happy with the way the photos came out. Here are a few vertical frames, but you can see the full lookbook on the website!

Sommi Jewelry necklace Sommi Jewelry rings and necklace Sommi Jewelry rings and studs Sommi Jewelry rings Sommi Jewelry cuff bracelets and rings

Sommi Jewelry ring and bracelets Sommi Jewelry ring

photography: Becka Robinson from By The Robinsons
model: Nikki Graham
makeup & hair: LeJeun Artistry
art direction: Alexandra Nieto

Hope you guys have a nice and relaxing weekend!



Hello 2015

Alexandra Nieto Instagram

images via my instagram

Fist of all, Happy 2015 to you guys!! I hope everyone is already enjoying the new year and excited about all the possibilities that lay before us. It has been a couple months since I posted and I thought I would be fitting to kick off the new year with an update post. There have been a few exciting things happening in the past months, so I’m going to back up a bit and touch on the high points of 2014.

As many of you already know I launched Sommi Jewelry back in July. I’m really happy to say the launch itself went really well. I had my first orders through the website within a couple hours of making the announcement and, as you can imagine, I was ecstatic about it. Since that first day, orders have kept coming in and I have been continuously busy all the way until today. Working long hours and staying on top of every aspect of the business has been sometimes overwhelming, but rewarding in so many ways.

A big stepping stone accomplished in the last few months has been getting my first stockists. Back in September I received my first wholesale order from Rifle Paper Co.’s flagship store in Winter Park, Florida. I couldn’t believe it. I am such a big fan of their brand and their store front. Soon after that I had the opportunity to get into a second store. This time the order came from Penelope T, a beautiful boutique which carries a curated group of both big and small brands. They have two locations, one in Tampa, and one in Jacksonville. How exciting is this, right? I am so beyond grateful!

A couple collaborations are in the works as well. One of these collaborations was with a talented group of local creatives in an editorial photo shoot. It was an incredible experience and I think I will be able to share more about it very soon. The others are potential opportunities that have come up and that I hope will materialize. I will share more about them as soon as I can!

Last but not least I participated in my first “in person” event where I had the chance to set up my own little space to show and sell my whole collection. I enjoyed so much meeting customers in person, seeing their reactions as they saw the jewelry and getting their feedback in real time. The whole experience was so new to me that I even forgot to take good photos, but at least I did snap a quick one with my phone.

So that brings us to 2015! I’m looking forward to working hard and making some new designs this year. But I’ll share more about that later. I hope you all had an amazing holiday season with your loved ones and wish you all the best in this (almost) brand new year. 🙂




View of Vancouver from high above image via Evan Leeson

A few weeks ago I went to Vancouver because one of my dearest friends got married. It was so nice to go celebrate this special occasion in a place where I had never been before. Now that I’m back, I understand why everyone has nothing but good things to say about this city. The big mountains, the ocean and crisp air make this city truly beautiful.

I was lucky to explore Vancouver in the company of some of my best friends while doing active stuff like hiking, biking, paddle boarding and swimming. If you have Vancouver in your travel bucket list, I will encourage you to get outside and enjoy all the outdoor activities the city has to offer (especially if you are there during the summer time). To give you an idea of the things you can do/see while in Vancouver, I’ll share some photos and tips of things I enjoyed doing during my visit.


Vancouver view from Grouse Mountain Grouse Mountain is located just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver and it’s probably the place where you can get the best view of the city. You have two options to get to the top of the mountain: you can use the Skyride (gondola) or you can hike the “The Grouse Grind.” If you are in Vancouver during the summer time and you are somewhat in shape I recommend hiking the mountain. I’m not going to lie and tell you that it is easy, but is really doable even if you are not 100% in shape.

Grouse Mountain Gondola Cables My approach to climbing the trail was to go at a slow but constant pace. The trail is a combination of naturally made stone steps and man-made wooden steps. This mountain is commonly referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”! So although this is not your relaxing kind of mountain hike, what I like about this activity is having the opportunity to immerse yourself in the mountain and exercise alongside beautiful tall trees and crisp air. It took me almost 2 hours to get to the top (like I said, I was going really slow!) where we enjoyed the beautiful views of the city and had drinks from the “Altitudes Bistro” (one of the the bars/restaurants at the top).

Grouse Mountain Bears

At the top of the mountain, there are a number of activities you can do. I went to see two orphaned grizzly bears in the Refuge for Endangered Wildlife, but they also have bird shows, a Lumberjack show, Helicopter Tours and Paragliding among others. Next time I’m there I would like to explore the area and do more of the Self-Guided Walks or the Guided Eco-Walks.


Biking Stanley Park

While we were in Vancouver, we stayed for three nights in a hotel in downtown. The location was great as we were able to walk to nearby restaurants and shops. We also had a bike rental place right around the corner where we rented bikes one afternoon and spent about 2 hours riding through some of the Stanley Park trails.

Biking in Stanley Park

We rode the whole time by the water which gave us beautiful views of the city, ocean and little beaches. There were a couple concession stands on the way to grab a quick bite and water, but we decided to stop in a restaurant called the Tea House. The food was a little pricey, but every single dish they brought to the table was delicious. If you get there, I recommend getting their carrot soup and their wild salmon.


Capilano_Bridge image via Netsnake

I think the Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most advertised attractions in Vancouver. I saw so many pretty photos on Pinterest (like the one above!) that I had to get there. The city has done a great job at creating an area where you can do more than just crossing the bridge, but I have to admit that it feels touristy. We arrived there around 10:00 am and just had a small line to buy the entrance tickets. We made the mistake of grabbing some breakfast before crossing the bridge and by the time we went to cross, there was a big line and a big crowd on the bridge. I had never been on a suspension bridge, so that was fun. But having so many people on the bridge somehow took away from the experience and made it harder to admire the scenery. Once you make it to the other side, they have a canopy walk between trees and a walkway with information about the mountain and nature surrounding you.

Capilano Canopi Walk Capilano Suspension Bridge

If you are planning to visit this attraction, I recommend getting there as early as you can to avoid the crowd and to, hopefully, get some alone time while you cross the bridge. Once you cross the suspension bridge back to the main area, don’t forget to do the cliff walk. They have some neat areas where you can enjoy some scary views down to the bottom of the forest.

If you are not a huge fan of crowds, there is another suspension bridge in Lynn Canyon Park. My friend said that it is beautiful and that all the locals go there. This park offers free admission and also has a good looking 30 foot natural pool where many people swim. Next time I will definitely visit this park, instead of the Capilano Bridge.

Overall, Vancouver is an awesome place to visit and definitely on my “going back to” list. I feel like we only scratched the surface of everything this city has to offer. But then again, doesn’t it always feel that way once a fun trip is over?

Hope these little tips help some of you on your future travel plans to Canada. : )

Cheers to many more trips to come for all of us!




Jewelry Box

Jewelry Box 2

Jewelry Box 3

Jewelry Box 4

Mosaic Triangles Jewelry Box via WestElm
Juliette Jewelry Box via Crate&Barrel
Chocolate Shagreen Large Jewelry Box via Aerin
Selma jewelry Box via Crate&Barrel

It is officially Fall, and I felt the first semi-fresh breeze last night while walking around our neighborhood! I’m so ready to feel some real change in temperature though. It’s been really hot this summer, and I cannot wait to wear a cozy sweater.

During my walk, I enjoyed seeing what people are starting to do for their Fall decor. As some of you may know, I am originally from Venezuela. Because of its location right around the equator this country only has two seasons (rainy and not rainy). So although I didn’t grow up decorating during this time of the year, I would like to embrace the fall spirit a bit more this year. For now, I have my eye on those cute little pale pumpkins I’ve seen at the grocery store.

The new season has also motivated me to do some organizing and de-cluttering around the house, and I’m hoping I can extend the cleaning to my jewelry, that is looking quite messy these days. With that in mind, I found a few options for jewelry boxes that are making me consider if I should upgrade one of my current jewelry boxes. As you can see, there seems to be a theme in this curated group: square, spacious and modern jewelry boxes. I love the colorfulness of the Mosaic Triangles Box, the multiple drawers in the Juliette and the gold look on the Selma. What do you guys think?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

(P.S. You can see more Jewelry Display ideas here!)



SOMMI Jewelry now available at Rifle Paper Co.

Sommi Jewelry available at Rifle Paper Co. image via my instagram
illustration on blank note card by anna bond | rifle paper co.

Things have been a little quite around here during the past couple of weeks, and it’s time to break the silence. Recently all of my attention has been placed on making jewelry, and I honestly have not had much time for anything else. Although I hate leaving the blog lonely, there is a silver lining to this situation that has put a smile on my face for the past week. You can now find SOMMI Jewelry at Rifle Paper Co.’s flagship store in Winter Park, Florida!

They placed a wholesale order last week, and I have been working really hard to get some of the pieces to them before their big event going on this weekend. It was such a treat seeing my little treasures last night sitting along side all their beautiful products. Eeeek. I cannot believe it!

So if you are in the area you should definitely stop by their beautiful shop. They have an amazing sidewalk sale going on today and tomorrow. And while you are there you can also check out my little jewels : ).

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!



Approach 05 / Path Ring

SOMMI Jewelry Path Ring

When it comes to fabricating rings one of the most challenging parts of the process is making the designs in all the different ring sizes. Since I work in wax, most times I get to re-carve each ring at least three times. For example, I have already carved the Aura Ring twice, in sizes 7 and 8, and I still have to carve it in size 6 and probably in size 9 as well. Although you learn the ins and outs of a design and the best approach to carving a piece the first time around, somehow the process can be more difficult the second time because you are not only carving, but also replicating the piece.

My “production” approach for the new collection (FW14) was to have the ring designs ready in one or two sizes before the launch and then, after the big day, I would carve the extra sizes based on the orders I received. This week I had the chance to re-carve the Path ring for a special friend and decided to take some photos along the way so I could share them with you.

When I started sketching the Path ring, I wanted to create a double banded ring that was shorter in height than the other double banded rings I had already designed. My one requirement for this ring was to have some sort of straight vertical line connecting both bands in the middle of the ring. The solution was to create the connection by making the bottom band gradually become one as a vertical line and elongating it all the way to the top band.

Wax Carving Path Ring SOMMI Jewelry

Above you can see the sequence of photos that show the main steps I took to complete the design (total of seven hours), starting with a solid wax shank and ending with a shaped ring. For this piece, I carved the main part of the design first and then I added some wax to create the small tip on top of the ring. When the wax model is ready I send it to be cast in metal and once I get it back, I polish the piece to a bright shine.

I hope you guys enjoyed taking a peek at how this ring was made. It’s nice to be back to jewelry making after spending some much-needed fun days in Vancouver. I’ll try to share more about my trip in the coming weeks!

(If you want to see more on my approach, you can do so here!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



Getting Married In Vancouver

Rifle Paper Co. image via rifle paper company 

It’s been two weeks since the launch and, even though I hate to leave, just as I’m getting into the swing of things, I’m thrilled to be heading to Vancouver for one of my best friends’ wedding. We will be there for six days, which I feel will be enough to explore the area, and it’s surroundings. The most exciting part, though,  will be to wander through a new place with some good  friends and, most importantly, to celebrate with my friend on her special day.

So far, we are planning to do a lot of outdoor activities like biking, mountain hiking and swimming. You guys, I can’t tell you how excited I’m about this. Florida is a beautiful state, but I miss having mountains around. I grew up in Caracas (Venezuela) which is located in a valley with beautiful mountains all around. And well, I spent lots of time going through all the trails and looking at the city from high above.

As soon as I get back I will be sure to let you know how the trip went and will share the best places I visited. Perhaps you guys will head that way someday and may find some of my recommendations enticing.

See you next week!



A Proper Launch Announcement

SOMMI Jewelry website launch.

If you follow me on social media, you have probably heard the good news. But for those of you who haven’t, I’m extremely happy to announce that my first jewelry collection and brand has launched! SOMMI Jewelry is a contemporary jewelry line designed and created by me. I begin each of my pieces with a pencil sketch which I translate by hand into wax, using ancient and modern wax carving techniques. The carved wax is then cast in materials such as sterling silver, bronze and 14K gold.

The website launch happened exactly one week ago, on July 22nd. As expected, the week before the launch was one of the busiest I have had in a really long time. Long nights and early mornings were the week’s theme to the point that, unfortunately for me, I didn’t even get to sleep during the last day and a half before the launch. As you can imagine, I was ready to drop dead by the time I launched, but thankfully everything that needed to get done, got done. There are still many things on my to-do list that I’ll be tackling in the coming weeks, one of which is finishing this collection’s look book and publishing it on the website. Right now you can see some cropped frames of the photos from the shoot in the product pages, but soon I will have a page on the website where you will be able to see all the styled photos in one place.

SOMMI Jewelry Aura Ring After the launch last Tuesday, I have been working on fulfilling my first orders (so exciting!) and getting some things in order. A big change around here is that I’m changing the company who is casting my pieces. The timing is terrible as I’m shipping my molds to a different state, and I’m figuring out all the logistics right as I launch and work on my first orders. But I realized the company I was using wasn’t a good fit for me and the quality of the product I was getting back was inconsistent. So at the moment, I’m working on sorting all this out as fast and efficiently as possible so that things can run a lot smoother later on. For the lovely people who have placed orders during the last week, this means that out of the “2 to 4 week” estimated timeframe to ship your order, most likely, I’ll be using the 4 full weeks to fulfill your order. But I promise I’ll ship your jewelry as soon as I can and I’ll work all this out so that the wait time will be cut to two weeks or less in the near future!

Thank you all so much for your support and patience during this adjustment time. Although things are a little hectic, I’m delighted to be making jewelry for some awesome people out there. It really means so much to me to have you come along with me on this journey. And last but not least, if you haven’t been to sommijwelry.com yet, I invite you to click here and take a look at the new 20 piece-collection showcasing bohemian, tribal and edgy jewelry that I have created. I truly hope you will love the jewelry as much as I have enjoyed making it!



How To Clean & Care For Your Jewelry

Sommi Jewelry Rings Antlers

New jewelry is bright and shiny, but as time goes by it can begin to look opaque and dull. As a jewelry users, we have two options: (1) we can enjoy the patina that develops over time (which can add character to a piece) or (2) we can slow down the tarnishing process and learn how to bring the jewelry back to its original luster.

While keeping in mind the second option, I have compiled some basic tips on how to care for and clean your jewelry. I’ll begin by sharing some general advice that you can use for all metal jewelry and then I will focus on sharing specific recommendations for each metal.

General Rules:

  • As a rule of thumb, remove all your jewelry when exercising, swimming & cleaning. I know this can be annoying, but exposing your jewelry to sweat, chlorine, salt water and chemicals will tarnish (and sometimes damage and discolor) your pieces.
  • Store your jewelry in a clean and dry place. I’m a big advocate of displaying jewelry in pretty ways around your room, but the truth is that we need to be selective. For example, if a piece is prone to tarnishing and you enjoy wearing it bright and shiny, then is best to keep it protected inside an airtight box. On the other hand, if you have a piece that does not tarnish easily or a piece that you love because of the patina that has developed over time, then yes! do keep it out for everyone to see. Remember that there are many beautiful jewelry cases that can also make awesome displays. If you need some ideas, you can see some here.

** The tips below are for jewelry that does not have stones in them.

GOLD: Although gold jewelry will not tarnish over time, it can accumulate dirt and grime making it look dull. The easiest way to clean it is by soaking your gold jewelry in warm soapy water for about 15 minutes and then gently scrubbing it with a soft bristle brush. After removing the dirt, rinse the piece(s) thoroughly with warm running water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

GOLD VERMEIL: Gold vermeil is an overlay of gold over a base of sterling silver and, as such, it will tarnish over time. To clean gold vermeil, use a mild dish soap and a soft-bristled brush under warm running water. Rinse well and dry the piece with a soft non-abrasive cloth. Make sure the piece is completely dry before returning to storage as water residue can cause staining.

STERLING SILVER, BRONZE & BRASS: Although there are many ways to clean silver, bronze and brass jewelry, I have found that the easiest and fastest way is by using a treated polishing cloth. I use this particular cloth to clean my jewelry, and although it’s labeled as a “Silver Care Cloth” it works great on brass and bronze as well.

BRONZE & BRASS: When cleaning bronze and brass be aware that sometimes jewelry made out of these metals may have a protective transparent coating to keep tarnish away. If this is the case, avoid using treated polishing cloths or brushes with cleaning mixtures on these pieces, as they could remove the coating.

Hope this information helps you keep your jewelry looking great!