Land of The Koalas

I haven’t had a chance to travel lately, and boy do I find myself constantly thinking about it. While I anxiously wait for my next trip in a couple months, I want to share another tip for traveling. This time I won’t tell you about Italy, but instead about a great experience I had in Australia.

Australia has many points of interest, but if you find yourself in Melbourne, a two-day trip to the 12 Apostles, in my opinion, is a must.

12 Apostoles The 12 Apostles are a collection of limestone stacks formed by erosion from waves constantly hitting against the soil in this area. The erosion never stops, meaning that eventually all the apostles (there are only seven apostles left standing) will collapse completely. At the same time, equally stunning formations are always forming along this coastline. As you can see on the photos, this place is probably one of the most beautiful and impressive in Australia.

Great Ocean Road 12 Apostoles

To get to this site from Melbourne, you will need to rent a car and be ready for a long six-hour drive through the Great Ocean Road. I won’t lie and tell you that it is an enjoyable ride the whole way, as some times it is a little monotonous. The good news is that there are nuggets of beauty scattered around the road trip that will energize you.

Great Ocean Road Koalas

One of this nuggets is a place that I like to call “Land of The Koalas.” As you head to Port Campbell (where the 12 Apostles are located) you can take a small detour to Cape Otway, where you will find one of the best sites to see koalas in the wild.

Cape Otway Australia Cape Otway Australia Koalas

Once you start driving down this road, you will begin to see how the vegetation quickly changes, from full green and lush trees to bare Eucalyptus trees. All of the sudden, you will start to see sleepy koalas taking naps in the tree tops. It may take you a few seconds to see the first koala, but after that your eyes will immediately start recognizing where the other little guys are without much effort.

Cape Otway Koalas Cape Otway Koala When you get to this area, drive slowly as koalas could be crossing the road towards other trees. We were lucky enough to see this happening, so we stopped and watched one Koala slowly cross the road and climb on a tree that was about 10 yards away from us. Being there watching Koalas in the wild was truly a magical experience.

Cape Otway Koala

Things to know:

  • The 12 Apostles is located in Port Campbell and it is six hours away from Melbourne.
  • When making the decision of whether to rent a car, keep in mind that like in the UK, Australians drive on the left hand side of the road.
  • The best way to enjoy this road trip is to break it up. At a minimum I would recommend staying one night in one of the towns along the way. We spent one night in Port Campbell and headed back to Melbourne the next day.
  • Australia offers great information centers for tourists. Make sure to take advantage of all the information, advice and resources they have to offer (that’s how we learned about the koalas on the way to Cape Otway).


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