Jewelry Display / 02

Jewelry Box Anthropologie Wonders Of The World Pyramid Box / Free People

Jewelry Box Anthropologie Folding Mirror Jewelry Box / Anthropologie

Jewelry Box West elm Textured Boxes / West Elm

Jewelry Box Anthropologie Arca Jewelry Box / Anthropologie

Jewelry Box Free People Large Heart Jewelry Box / Free People

These last days have been crazy. I have been putting a lot of deadlines on myself and well, I have to confess that it has been a bit stressful. All in all is good, since I have finally settled on a launch date for the SOMMI line and the website! I’ll be making the announcement in the upcoming days and, as you can imagine, I’m very excited.

Until then, I leave you with these five lovely jewelry boxes. If I had to pick my favorite it would be between the Large Heart, because of its antique look, and the Arca jewelry box, because of the cool way one can hang and display a pair of earrings.

p.s. remember to sign up to be notified of the launch so that you can receive a special discount that you can use towards your first purchase!


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