How to Know Your Ring Size

Figure out your ring size

One of the challenges when purchasing jewelry online is figuring out what size of rings and bracelets to buy. Today I would like to share with you some of the best ways to find out the size of each of your fingers so that you can feel confident when purchasing rings, no matter what finger you are planning to wear them on.

Option #1: The most accurate way to figure out your ring size(s) is to go to a nearby jewelry store and ask if they could size your fingers. All jewelry stores have ring sizers on hand, and most of them will be happy to help you out even if you are not planning to purchase a ring at that particular time.

Option #2: If you feel uncomfortable with the last option, the second best option is to make a small investment by purchasing an inexpensive ring sizer that you can keep handy at home for years to come. Here is a great and inexpensive option I found on Etsy.

Option #3: If you need a quick (and free!) solution, head to this website and follow the instructions to find out your ring size. Remember, this digital tool will give you a good idea about your ring size, but just like with “Option #4,” the result will be an approximate size, rather than an exact one.

Option #4: Use a free ring sizer template that you can download and print in your own home computer. There are several options online, but I decided to create my own and make it available for all of you to use. Printable ring sizers work great to get an idea of your size, but keep in mind that because you are using paper there is some room for error and, therefore, the results will be more approximate sizes than exact ones.

Here are the instruction to get the best results when using my template:

STEP 1: Download and print this template on a heavy stock paper. Important: You must print this PDF at 100% (actual size). Please don’t scale/shrink the artwork to fit margins, or any other way, when you are choosing your print settings.
Ring Size Template

STEP 2: Using scissors, cut throughout the gray dashed lines around each circle.
Cutting Ring Size Template

Cut out ring size template

STEP 3: Using an exacto knife, cut through the gray dashed inner circumference on each ring template.
Cutting Ring Sizer Template

STEP 4: Place each of your fingers through each circumference until you find your size. Make sure the template tightly fits around your finger to ensure the most accurate sizing.
Trying Ring Sizer

STEP 5: For a more comfortable fit around your finger, you can go one step further and cut the pink dashed lines located around the inner circumference with an exacto knife. I only recommend doing this if you are using a thick stock paper.
Ring Size Template

And that is it! After you are done cutting the templates, you can keep all of the pieces in a small envelope for future reference. As always, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!


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