Flowers + Jewels

Bar Necklace with flowers

Spring has been here in Florida for a few months, which means that all the plants in my house and neighborhood are blooming beautifully. I get excited every time this happens. I guess I’m becoming a little bit of a plant lady these days. Clayton tells me he wants to make me a “real” plant lady, so a couple months ago I helped him change crops in our little flower bed. Yesterday we harvested our first green beans crop and I cooked it for dinner. How exciting, right?!

Speaking of spring and flowers, I was browsing through my photo library and I found some photos that I have not shared with you. The photos are from the current collection, sitting alongside the prettiest flower arrangements made by Ashton Events. Remember how I told you that Laura asked me if I would like to take some flowers with me after we did the Luxe + Modern shoot? Well, I did take one arrangement and I used it as props for these photos.

My original idea was to create an Etsy shop for Sommi and use the photos there. I’m still unsure about whether I’ll open an Etsy shop, but I thought I would share some of the photos with you today. The color scheme for the flower arrangement was a combination of soft white, deep burgundy and, of course, green. I feel like the flowers gave the jewelry a sophisticated look and complemented the pieces nicely.

Angle Rings in gold and silver Closed V Necklace in gold Gold Shield Ring Path Ring in Silver alongside flower Arch Cuff Bracelet Point Ring Bronze Tribal Cuff Bracelet Pyramid Drops Earrings in Bronze Arch Rings in gold and silver

I hope you enjoyed the photos and, as always, if you have any comments about this post don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!



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