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Sommi Jewelry Cuff Bracelet

 I spend a lot of my time carving the designs I sketch. Lately, I have been trying to take photos of my process, so that I can describe how the pieces come to life. A few weeks back I showed you the inspiration behind this ring and how it went from an idea to a finished product. Today, I want to share a few photos of one of the cuff bracelets that will be available once we launch.

The shape of this design was inspired by Arabian arches like the ones on the cover of this book. My goal was for the top of the cuff to resemble these architectural elements. I also enhanced the sides of the cuff by incorporating some geometrical textureinspired by ancient African art. I wanted the texture to be prominent, so I made sure to make the grooves deep as to create enough contrast once the cuff was finished.

Wax Carving Cuff Bracelet

Above you can see the sequence of photos illustrating the main steps I took to complete the design (total of eight hours), starting with a solid wax block and ending with a shaped cuff ready to be cast in metal. When the wax model is ready, I send it to NYC where they cast it and send it back to me. I, then, oxidize the textured grooves and polish it to a bright shine.


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