Approach 04 / Stacking Ring

Sommi Jewelry Stacking Ring

One of the things I wanted to include in the collection was stackable rings. I explored the idea of dainty and organic rings while sketching, but somehow, every time I started drawing ideas, what came out on paper were architectural designs with dynamic angles. It became clear to me that the books on ancient architecture and art that I had submerged myself in, before I started the design process, were coming out in my designs. So I decided to let my ideas run free, and I pursued an approach to stacking rings where they would have a slightly chunkier and geometrical feel.

While designing this ring, I thought a lot about how the angles could create an interesting visual, especially when reflecting light. One way to do this was to apply some continuity on the design by extending the multiple angles on top of the ring through its sides. After thinking all this through and drawing the concept on paper, the hardest part began. The carving process was really slow as I had to constantly stop to check for symmetry of both sides of the ring.

Sommi Jewelry Wax Carving

Above you can see the sequence of photos illustrating the main steps I took to complete the design (total of thirteen hours), starting with a solid wax shank and ending with a shaped ring. When the wax model is ready I send it to be cast in metal. And once I get it back, I polish the piece to a bright shine and oxidize the arrow markings on top of the ring.

I’ll share how this ring can be stacked on one of my upcoming approach posts. Stay tuned!


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